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Client Feedback

SV2 support people that have experienced sexual assault.

"I have an incredible therapist at SV2. She is very slowly restoring my faith in professionals. She's worked with me for 8 months & challenges me every week. Therapy is so hard, it's not nice facing the things that you've pushed to the back of your head for so many years. I've built a highly impressive wall around myself, with very solid foundations. It's incredibly difficult to remove any of those bricks. But I've learnt that the wall is there to serve a purpose, it protects me & for whatever reason, I've needed that protection. My therapist works with me in ways that I understand & spends time exploring different ways for me to engage. She accepts that I find it difficult to talk & so finds different ways for me to express what I need to say. No one has done that before, they've all just said that if I won't talk, they cannot help. They haven't spent time understanding why I won't talk.

There's cuts to funding across the board as we all know. She's currently secured me another 12 weeks therapy & then after that I will either have to re-refer myself or discuss with my GP using my Personal Health Budget to fund future sessions. I've waited years & years for support that is the quality I am currently receiving. I can't afford to lose that. I am on another waiting list with the recovery services, but that wait is approximately 2 years & not getting any shorter. The struggle to get adequate, appropriate support is very real.

It's #timetotalk #timetochange
Thank you"

"The client left the SARC with a much improved view of the Police and said I Liked the environment, relaxed and homely. No police walking around. Client said she had enjoyed it and the way she was treated felt like sitting with family."

ISVA feedback received "THANK YOU! For being there through everything, you have really helped me get through a very difficult time."

ISVA Feedback received "Thank you for all your support and fantastic words of wisdom, but especially for being by my side in court. I can’t thank you enough! "

ISVA feedback from a CAHMS worker "Justin is really impressed with the service that his client received from Angie. He got SV2 details from St. Mary’s and hadn’t known about SV2 before. He feels that his client has really benefited from Angie’s input and would refer again in future."

"Thank you for all your hardwork and support. As you know it has been a very gruelsome and distressing time for my daughter, without your encouragement and support she would not have had the courage to carry on."

"Thank you for being there through everything, you have really helped me get through a very difficult time."